Intuitive and Innovative IT Reporting is the key to success

For a long time, IT support clients have been weighed down by overly detailed reports that don’t say very much. It can be hard to know whether the time and money you’re investing in IT are paying off or if it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

At Synergy IT, we’re committed to transparency. We believe reporting is essential for managing your IT services and ensuring your business is set up for success. So, we’ve invested in the most innovative and advanced reporting available, BrightGauge.

BrightGauge is used by the world’s largest enterprises and allows us to deliver in-depth yet crystal clear reports. Paired with our decades of experience in executing strategic IT management and support, our reporting will transform how you look at Managed IT Services in your business. Here’s how…

Get clarity on the value of our service. 

IT services can be complicated and traditional reporting makes it hard to see exactly what you’re getting from your Managed IT Services provider. BrightGauge has been integrated into the Synergy IT tools to give you insights into your investment in technology.

You will get a clear picture of every ticket raised and resolved each month, but you can also see the preventative work undertaken by analysing your reports. The reports also show the strategic planning taking place to help optimise your IT needs and business efficiency into the future.

Learn which software is working for your business.

Because BrightGauge gives an overview of the issues reported each month, you’ll be able to see exactly which software is causing the most trouble. Suppose we’re getting repeated errors with OneDrive  or support requests for email every month. In that case, we can take a deeper look to understand how the software is being used and any opportunities to improve.

Pinpoint who needs support based on their IT tickets.

Our reports show you every support ticket created each month, who makes them and the reported issue. It allows us to quickly uncover trends and identify people in your business who consistently have IT issues and downtime.

By knowing the critical problem areas, we can work with you to solve them, whether that’s by upgrading their software, investing in new hardware, getting that team member more training or perhaps changing a business process to reduce their dependence on IT support.

Get a comprehensive picture look at how your hardware is performing. 

We can capture instances where a team member’s hardware may not be up to the job. And, with the correct data, that doesn’t always mean you’ll be up for a new computer. We take a proactive approach, first maximising the use of the memory, ensuring years of old emails aren’t slowing down the machine and optimising apps based on usage.

We can then begin looking at strategically planning for upgrades in your IT budget and even start planning the distribution of hardware within your team. If you have new equipment coming in, our reports will tell you where you should be upgrading first, based on how your team uses their equipment and the performance power they need. Then we can clean up and reshuffle existing hardware so that everyone can do their job effectively.

Tailor your Synergy IT managed services to your needs. 

BrightGauge will deliver a lot of optics that help you effectively manage and grow your business – and it also does the same for our team. By understanding your ongoing IT needs, our team will use that data to tailor our Managed IT Services to suit your business. Essentially, we can monitor our service delivery to ensure it’s as effective and proactive as possible.

If you want to learn more about BrightGauge and how our Managed IT Services can help transform your business, please reach out to our team.

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