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Meet Synergy Secure Internet: Enterprise-Level Security for SMBs

We’re facing a tidal wave of cyber threats in today’s digital age. The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for doing business, but it’s also created a wealth of messy security challenges for all business owners.

With remote staff tinkering away on unsecured networks becoming the norm, it’s never been more difficult to fend off hackers, protect your organisation’s data and keep your good reputation intact.

But where do you begin?

With so many cybersecurity solutions on the market, it can feel like trying to find a golden needle in a massive haystack of average offerings. How do you know which will keep you
safe and secure, and which will leave you open to attack?

That’s why we developed Synergy Secure Internet (powered by Cisco Meraki). We’ve packaged up a comprehensive range of security products designed to meet the specific needs of SMBs in any sized business. And that’s everything from securing your network, protecting your data, or ensuring productivity.

Watch this space for more security products, but we’ve kicked things off with the big one: the internet.

One of the most significant security issues facing SMBs today is an attack through the internet. Remote employees, who are accessing the company’s network from unsecured networks, can be a major vulnerability.

Hackers can easily intercept sensitive information, such as login credentials and customer data, putting the company’s reputation and financial stability at risk.

While other solutions offer protection against specific vulnerabilities, Synergy Secure Internet has a whole suite of security products built in. Things you never even knew you needed.

Its firewall provides advanced security features such as intrusion detection and prevention, helping to protect against external threats. The content filtering system allows SMBs to set policies for web access, blocking malicious or inappropriate websites and ensuring employees stay productive.

An advanced VPN solution allows remote employees to hook up to the company’s network securely, protecting sensitive data even when working from home, on their own device or in a cafe with the dreaded free Wi-Fi.

Advanced Threat Protection provides additional security by integrating multiple threat intelligence sources and automatically updating the firewall policies to help protect against new threats.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and all of this is wrapped up in a cloud-based management platform that makes it easy for SMBs to monitor and manage their security policies without any IT expertise. This scalability and ease of use make Synergy Secure Internet a cost-effective and reliable solution for SMBs looking to protect their networks.

Cybersecurity should be on the radar of every SMB, and with so many options on the market, you need to find the right solution. Cisco Meraki powers our cutting-edge solution, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

  • Synergy Secure Internet is that golden needle in the haystack of average security solutions. Please contact the team to find out how it will work for your business.

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