Cybersecurity Assessment Report

You’ve Been Hacked! Who’s Responsible?

Well, the onus of cybersecurity doesn’t rest on the shoulders of IT providers, as many think. The buck stops with you, the business owner.

No New South Wales court judge will entertain the plea, “It’s not my fault; I outsource all of my cybersecurity.” In the face of cyber threats, pleading ignorance is not a valid defence—legal responsibility ultimately falls upon the business owner.

As technology progresses, so do the tactics employed by hackers who seek to exploit businesses’ vulnerabilities. The aftermath of a cyber-attack extends beyond the digital domain, impacting a company’s reputation, destroying customer trust, and even jeopardising its legal standing.

This is why Synergy created a comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment Report designed to protect businesses against the relentless evolution of cyber threats. Our proactive approach is inclusive, gathering information from all employees within the organisation and investigating four key elements, each aimed at shoring up the defence of your business.

Cybersecurity Measures Review

Synergy evaluates the structure, policies, procedures, and current technologies to understand the effectiveness of your organisation’s security process. This detailed review ensures your business has a proactive and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.

Data Privacy Policies Review

The evaluation extends to your data collection, retention, and usage policies. We identify potential areas for improvement, examining how your organisation manages confidential or sensitive data. This thorough review is instrumental in strengthening your data protection protocols.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk Assessment

Synergy’s risk assessment analyses possible exposures and the real risk of data breaches. These measures against real-world practices provide a greater understanding of your organisation’s vulnerabilities.

Plan for Implementation of Improvements

Post-assessment, Synergy formulates a strategic plan to bolster your company’s cyber defence. This plan includes initiatives to enhance internal understanding of best practices and employee buy-in; both are crucial elements in safeguarding your brand and reputation.

Synergy then provides a clear roadmap for your business to navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

Mitigate Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Risk

Synergy helps address vulnerabilities, implement more robust data protection policies, and strengthen your cybersecurity measures to reduce the risk of data breaches. Proactive steps are taken to safeguard your digital assets against potential threats.

Internal Understanding of Best Practices

Every employee will be equipped to protect your organisation against potential threats, and your team’s knowledge about cybersecurity best practices becomes a priority.

Enhance Employee Buy-In

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness is crucial to any business’s security. Employees are not just made aware of the risks; they are actively engaged to protect your company’s brand and reputation. Cybersecurity is the responsibility of all employees, not just those calling the shots.

  • Business owners bear the ultimate responsibility for safeguarding their enterprises against cyber threats. If you need clarification on what cybersecurity measures are necessary to protect your business, contact our team at Synergy.

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