Web and Cloud


Website management and cloud service

We manage all aspects of your online presence in the one location.

Is your website too old? Is your file server too small? You may need our cloud or website management service.

Your online presence is often the client’s first impression of your business. So, you want to put your best foot forward and appear as professional and competent as you can.

If your website was created more than two years ago and was left and forgotten, chances are Google has forgotten it too.

manage cloud for business

We are the cloud and website management service for your online needs


Website set up

We can organise reliable web hosting, domain name and an SSL certificate for you. So, your website is secure and reflects your professionalism.


Website design

We partner with web designers who know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), so your website doesn’t just look sleek and professional, but also ranks well on Google.

Our copywriters can write the content for you, so your business is presented in the best light and converts.


Business cloud storage solutions

Depending on your business size, you may need Dropbox or Autotask Workplace (SoonR).


Autotask Workplace (Soonr)

Autotask Workplace (Soonr) is a secure cloud sharing option for companies with five or more employees.

Admins can add or remove employees from accessing the Autotask cloud, making sure data remains under company control when a device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves the company.

 A growing business needs to make sure its most sensitive and confidential files remain in total control of the company. Usually, once a folder is shared, the person who it’s shared with has total control over the content.

 This puts your information at risk. Files can be deleted by accident or re-shared and even edited by the wrong people.



Dropbox is the perfect fit for freelancers or small agencies looking to quickly share files and folders with clients.


Free Security Audit

Is your data secure? Find out today before it’s too late.