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Communication is key to the success of your business.

We can tailor a phone system that works best for your clients and team. Whether that’s on the road or in the office, you’ll stay connected.

Business phone systems

We can provide and install the most appropriate handsets and hardware and set up your internal networking system. This includes connecting you to the best line and data deals at competitive prices.

Phone for businesses

Providing the best communication solutions for your business


Hosted/Managed/Cloud PBX

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Originally it was a private telephone system that an organisation used to communicate internally as well as externally.

The PBX is the “machine” that routes incoming calls, transfer calls to other extensions and puts people on hold. Now this system is in the cloud, reducing costs and labour.


VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

With VOIP you get the flexibility and cost-savings of a digital phone system, with all the benefits of the Cloud. Cloud phone systems use VoIP technology to make and receive phone calls.

The benefits of this include

  • No phone line rental
  • Make unlimited local and national calls
  • Have the features of a business telephone system PBX without having to buy the equipment, as it’s hosted.
  • Remote workers can be connected as part of your office telephone system
  • Voicemail messages can be sent to your email
  • You can call staff directly or via an Auto Attendant, Call Group or Call Queue

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol lines)

SIP allows you to send voice and data traffic over a single internet connection. It’s the foundation of all types of internet communication. SIP establishes sessions, manages signaling and terminates the connection when the sessions end.

 SIP can either replace or work alongside traditional ISDN phone lines. Calls are routed over the Internet and the Public Switch Telephone Network (PTSN) using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR allows your business to record customised greetings, messages and prompts. So when your customers call your company, they’ll have a more personalised experience, such as “Press 1 for Accounts”


Line rental

PSTN  (Public Switch Telephone Network) and ISDN (Digital) can also be installed. We can also install Optus Multiline. This is a reliable digital telephony solution that can help reduce costs and boost productivity for larger offices.

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